Wild WE Boston Opens its doors OCTOBER 1st!!
Wild WE Boston's SUCCESS Space is opening its doors on October 1st!

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Wild WE's New Boston location is opening in October. Wild WE would like to offer those interested in our workplace/SUCCESS space solution.

We would like to offer YOU a FREE month when you sign up.

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To sign up for membership, contact us at funspace/at/TheWildWE.com

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Wild WE Boston Buliding

Wild WE Boston - First Day

Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-8pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am-4pm

Wild WE Boston's SUCCESS Space is located down at the fabulous Fort Point Channel.

It is easily accessible by:
* I-93
* I-90
* Red Line (South Station Stop)
* Silver Line

About the Fort Point Channel:
Fort Point Channel has been touted as Boston's "next great place," and if you visit its HarborWalk you'll see why. The HarborWalk abounds with energy and a vibrant mix of uses, including artists' studios and the bustle of South Station. Its eclectic architecture ranges from historic, brick warehouses to the towering Federal Reserve Building.

Wild WE Boston: Meeting

Wild WE Boston: Kitcheb

Wild WE Boston: Meeting

About Wild WE
Wild WE Boston now has a Success Space location. This is a private member only group for Wild WE members within the Boston area, who are looking for more opportunities to connect and grow their businesses.

The Wild WE began in May 2005 and currently has 4000+ members Worldwide. For more information, visit us at: http://www.thewildwe.com

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Wild WE Boston now has a SUCCESS space location.

This is a private member only group for Wild WE members within the Boston area, who are looking for more opportunities to connect and grow their businesses.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Looking for a Space to run Classes, Seminars and Events?

Wild WE Boston’s Success Space (1,885 sq. ft) can be used in many ways. You can host:
- Classes
- Dance/Yoga
- Events
- Seminars
- Parties

Wild WE Boston’s Success Space is a pioneering work space solution for women entrepreneurs.

Boston’s New Success Space has the ability to provide you with:
- A space for daily access to other entrepreneurs and professionals for sharing referrals, advice, information, and ideas.
- A space for support and mentoring to new/growing business owners.
- Comfortable Lounge area.
- Quiet Space for those looking for more privacy.

About the Wild WE: Boston’s New Success Space.
This new space gives you the ability to work, connect, learn, and succeed.

Through our innovative membership offering, women have access to a flexible, low-cost work space, offering all the benefits of professional office space and amenities, such as Wi-Fi, printers, fax, meeting rooms, kitchen, access to public transportation, etc.

Members will have access to a dynamic community of fellow entrepreneurs and mentors at the Success Space, as well as special connections through virtual services.

Wild WE offers events throughout the year. From the Success Series and Sangria Night to member conducted events and business seminars – our calendar is filled with opportunities designed to help your learn.

Wild WE is all about helping Women Entrepreneurs grow their businesses. This exciting new dynamic work space can be a valuable asset, giving you access to the connections and resources you need to succeed!

Please be sure to complete the attached form with requested information.

Space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Wild We Boston’s Success Space Prices (1,885 sq ft.):

$33 per hour for Platinum Members
$47 per hour for Gold Members
$67 per hour for Basic/Non-Members

For an application email funspace/at/TheWildWE.com

NOTE: There is also an 11,000 sq.ft space as well that you can rent.

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